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I like Tea also bunneh's and all I want is to find my Alice. Do you know where she is?

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"That’s simple, some days I like ta’ play pretend and I like ta’ be somethin’ I’m not. Those days I’m not Alice, other days I am. It’s quite simple really. Chester, he’s a Cheshire, always makes an appearance on those days. Er…Everyday really…"


 In the midst of explaining, Hannah hadn’t noticed the car either. But when she did, she stepped back quickly, almost falling over. “Okay, yeah, let’s jus’ get outta’ the street.” And with that she tugged the other to the sidewalk.

As they walked over to the side walk he pulled his arm away from her and he looked her over eyes squinted. “But you are not Alice! How can you pretend to be her!” He could feel the tears of anger wanting to get loose but he held it all back.

"So many imposters but no Alice, she must be so scared out there by herself." He continued muttering to himself forgetting that the girl was there. He had to find Alice before she was gone for good.

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"Tea?" She asked softly. She finally smiled, a sweet, shy little thing, and she nodded as she followed, her hand in his. "Tea sounds lovely." She glanced back at the unconscious bodies as they kept on. "What will happen to those two when they wake up?"

Jervis glanced over his shoulder and shrugged. “Hopefully the police will find them before they do, I do not want to see them again.” His voice contained hatred, he would hate for them to run into him again because if they did he wouldn’t be as nice. They hurt his Alice and they would pay in the long run.

As they got to his apartment he let go of her hand to allow himself to open the door. He lead her inside when the door opened and into the dining room, where he had tea cups already set out. ” You never know when it’s time for a tea party.”

Showing her to her seat he quickly ran into the kitchen getting tea ready as well as some cake and once done he brought it towards the table. “I’ve seem to run out of a lot of my tea. However I do have some lemon, berry and vanilla tea left.” He told her before setting it out in front of her. “As well as Strawberry and chocolate cakes. What would you like?” He was with a smile on his face.

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I brought some bunnehs, Jervis is so pleased all that&#8217;s missing now is some tea and hats

I brought some bunnehs, Jervis is so pleased all that’s missing now is some tea and hats

She patiently waited by the door after knocking twice with a little Cage for animal.



Jervis wasn’t expecting anyone as he heard a knock on his door. He pursed his lips as he looked down at The White Rabbit who stared up at him.

"I wonder who that could be." He said to the rabbit as he picked him up and placed him on his shoulder before walking to the door and peaking out the keyhole as a smile grew on his face. Swinging the door open he looked at the girl in front of him. The smile growing on his face.

"Alice! What can I do for you?"

"I beg you’re Pardon but how do you know my name..? Um I found this poor rabbit being chased by Dina this evening. Tag had this Address so am here to return it sir." Alice was grew Curious and curiouser about the stranger at the door but remain to show lady like manners well confusing giving a dull expression.

The pigtailed blonde with Amber eyes was 20 years old not that it was actually noticeable

Jervis felt the smile drop from his face was she not his Alice. He knew it was to good to be true his Alice had not been back for months, he got his hopes up for nothing. “I thought you were her, I guess not.”

His eyes took a look into the cage at the small brown bunny staring back at him.  “March Hare! Why did you run off.”  He gave a small tsk but the smile couldn’t help but grow as he saw one of his many rabbits return back home.

"Why thank you for bringing him home." He looked back up at Alice and gave her a small nod.

"Would you like to come in for some tea?" He asked as he took the cage off her and moved aside allowing her to come inside. It was the lest he could do to thank her.