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  • [text] I might be pregnant
  • [text] Are you pregnant?
  • [text] I’ll be home earlier than expected!
  • [text] I won’t be home today, don’t wait up
  • [text] How would you feel about moving in?
  • [text] I have a surprise for you!
  • [text] I’ve got the popcorn, chosen the film- all you have to do is turn up
  • [text] I don’t care if you’re throwing up lava, I’d rather spend the day with you than them
  • [text] Can you stop taking my underwear please?
  • [text] Might need you to bail me out…
  • [text]You’re really cute when you sleep
  • [text] Wish you were here
  • [text] So bored without you!
  • [text] You’re boring me.
  • [text] Surprise me!
  • [text] Where are you? I’m stuck talking to your uncle and he’s starting to interrogate me…
  • [text] I love you, see you later x
  • [text] I’m running late- sorry!
  • [text] Just want you to know, my parents want to meet you
  • [text] Do you want to go?
  • [text] I want to spoil you
  • [text] How do you do this everyday?
  • [text] So, when can I meet the parents?
  • [text] Why are you in a wedding dress shop?
  • [text] You’re late! What’s taking so long?
  • [text] I got your orange juice, was there anything else you wanted?
  • [text] Good morning future wife/ husband x
  • [text] Sleep well my love x





Bear Party || Open


About once a month or so, the Joker liked to take a break from her usual chaos in order to have a tea party with her stuffed bear.  Sometimes this happened at whatever warehouse or apartment she was living in.  Sometimes she went out and took over some public location for its aesthetic value.  This was one of the second times.

She sat her fuzzy green bear down in his seat, pouring him a cup of tea.  ”Anything else, Bruce?”

A door creaked open behind the clown and her shoulders tensed, annoyed.  ”What?”

Jervis licked his lips as he neared the building. He was bored, so he decided to go out and visit some of his friends. Although he didn’t know if he could call them friends, seeing as they probably only put up with him because he wouldn’t leave, but he walked up to the building, The White Rabbit happily following behind him.

As soon as he got into the building he could smell something, something all to familiar to him. It was a sweet smell and his eyes and smile widen once he realised it was tea. Allowing him to follow his nose, he found himself in front of a door and he heard voices, no not voices a voice. He shook he head before opening the door and seeing a layout for tea party and it was at this moment Jervis pouted looking over to the female Joker.  “A tea party.” he announced. “You’re having a tea party and you didn’t invite me?” He whined.

I missed you and I would love to play with you!

//Yay someone missed me! ohk lets do it!