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I like Tea also bunneh's and all I want is to find my Alice. Do you know where she is?

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Jervis loved being at Hogwart, He got to learn things he had no knowledge of and the best part was that no-one ever bothered him about making friends and being social.

Now here he was walking towards the library as he found the Hufflepuff common room far to loud for him to concentrate and found the library much more relaxing to finish his homework. As he walked to his normal table at the back of the library he froze as he saw someone already sitting down. “Oh umm…”

He was always sat at this table and he didn’t like sitting anywhere else. It had the right about of sunlight and it was also hidden from gazing eyes. In his eyes it was the perfect table but the fifth year didn’t know what to do. “C-can I s-sit here?”




.  Okay so a few of us are doing a Harry Potter verse and it was decided we should make it so everyone can join in! You can be a teacher, or a student and whatever you want. You don’t have to follow everyone from the verse but it might be a good idea if you do? You can have a blast with all the new people you meet.

It’s Hogwarts. You can be a number of things— have fun with it. Pick your House and add your Year and if you have some kind of position in the house like Head Boy or Head Girl and Prefect. They are first come first serve, and we can have more than one of the same character. It’s not just  one Dick Grayson or just one Jason Todd, we can have two or three of how ever many you want! Have fun with it, if you want to join and there is already one of your characters, join up anyway. Make sure you tag everything in this verse like Harry Potter or Hp!Verse. We might get a tag or something so that anyone can start an open for the verse. But I really like lists sooo have fun. OCs are welcome, I don’t see any reason why they can’t be. All Characers welcome. Who are we kidding….

MAKE SURE AFTER YOU JOIN YOU SEND YOUR EMAIL TO EITHER the-stephanie-brown or sassiesandsmark so they can add you to the OOC.


Wally West - Sixth Year - Chaser- Muggleborn
Cassie Sandsmark
 - Fifth Year - Quidditch Captain/Keeper - 1/2 Veela
Stephanie Brown - Fifth Year - Beater - Muggleborn
Conner Kent- Fifth Year - Beater - Halfblood
Jason Todd - Sixth Year - Chaser - Pureblood
Damian Wayne- First Year- Pureblood
Dick Grayson - Sixth Year - Prefect - Halfblood 
Roy Harper- Seventh Year - Halfblood
Jude Luck - Fifth Year - Halfblood


Jai West -  Fifth Year - Halfblood
Tim Drake - Fifth Year - Muggleborn
Jai West - Second Year- Halfblood (see Irey (twin))
Tim Drake - Fifth Year - Prefect - Muggleborn


Dick Grayson- Sixth Year - Quidditch Captain/Keeper - Halfblood
Irey West - Second Year - Seeker-  Halfblood (Muggle mother, Muggleborn father)
Kitty Pryde - Fourth Year - Muggleborn
Amelia Vice - Third Year - Muggleborn
Garfield Logan - Fifth Year - Animagus - Pureblood
Wally West- Six Year - Muggleborn
Irey West - Fifth Year - Halfblood
Jervis Tetch - Fifth Year - Halfblood


Aaron Barnett - Fifth Year - House Ghost - Muggleborn
Victor Zsasz- Sixth Year – Prefect - Pureblood
Cassandra Cain- Sixth Year- Seeker- Pureblood

Jack Naiper- Six Year - Pureblood


Jonathan Crane - Magical Theory & Potions Substitute - Ravenclaw Head of House - Halfblood
Kurt Wagner - Transfiguration & Apparition - Gryffindor Head of House - Muggleborn
Wanda Maximoff - Charms - Ravenclaw - Halfblood
Bruce Wayne - Defense Against the Dark Arts - Gryffindor - Pureblood 
Laurel Lance - History of Magic - Gryffindor - Pureblood
Harvey Dent - Care of Magical Creatures - Hufflepuff - Halfblood
Alfred Pennyworth  - Herbology - Ravenclaw - Halfblood   
Diana Prince - Astronomy - Ravenclaw - 1/2 Veela  


The Joker - Resident Poltergeist

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Either would actually suit him! Yessss

I know and thats why I am confused! I am leaning towards Hufflepuff though. I just really want peoples thoughts before I somehow mess it up.

He’s a good finder, just look at how many Alices he’s found… Hufflepuff!

This is true! All the Alices! That would make him perfect for Hufflepuff.

Because of how child like Jervis is do you think he would be a Hufflepuff?

Or because he is super smart and loves to read (that be it one author) would he be Ravenclaw.

I’m leaning towards Hufflepuff.


Hi all, so It’s my birthday and Jervis is jumping around wanting to make some tea and cake but anyway for the few that I do own on here I won’t be able to get to them today. I’m a very busy person you know!

So I love you guys and I will see you all later

When Jervis awoke the first thing he notice was that Alice was nowhere to be seen. He started to get nervous and slightly paranoid. She was there when he fell asleep for the night, so did she run away again? Oh he would not be happy if this was the case.

He got up off the bed and began to look around in every room hoping to find her only to find the house empty except for him and the bunnies that he kept around. Once he realised she was nowhere inside he rushed to the front door which was wide open and he saw Alice on the steps.

Walking out he placed his hand carefully on her shoulder. “Alice, what are you doing out here? You could catch a cold.”

Who wants a random starter? I wanna write!


"Just get in the car, Alice. I’ll explain on the way."


"Just get in the car, Alice. I’ll explain on the way."

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