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"Would you rather me pretend to be Alice while the real one is still in Wonderland? Doesn’t sound very fair to the real Alice for me to do that. Would you like it if someone was pretending to be you?" She brushed back her hair behind her ear. "They’re not evil. They’re scared. And stressed. It makes them act out."

Jervis quickly shock his head. “You’re wrong, WRONG!” He didn’t want to believe her, he couldn’t. Alice wouldn’t leave him, no Alice would be here with him right now but he still let what she said get to him. “Why would Alice leave me?”


"Sorry Jervis but I’m not Alice. I’m pretty sure Alice doesn’t have any green hair." She lifted up the green streak. "She’s a complete blonde. I’m sorry about the guards but wanna know a secret?" She leaned forward and lowered her voice. "They don’t like me either."

Jervis lips quivered slightly before he shook it off and eyes narrowed before he hissed out, “Don’t lie Alice, it unbecoming of you.” The smile soon came back on his face before he nodded. “They are evil, evil minions.”

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Coming back here was just meant to be~



"Hello Mr. Tetch. I’m sorry I’m a bit late. Hope I didn’t keep you waiting long but at least my office is a nice change from the Rogue Gallery cells. I’m Lucy, and I’m your psychiatrist for while you’re here at Arkham. How are you?"

"Oh I am marvelous Alice, now that you are here of course!" He quickly looked behind him before leaning in closer to her. "Although the Queen of Hearts guards are anything but nice."


Jervis had waited for the day she came back to him, the day he didn’t need to go out and find her and here she was, standing right in front of him. The smile grew on his face but started at the girl confused at what she was talking about. “Calm down Alice, no need to yell.”


Elizabeth walked slowly down the streets of the Narrows, head lowered, looking up only to avoid running into anyone. On a normal day she would walk with her head held high but she was in a rather foul mood; she had to teach one of her clients that just because he had been with them for so long did not mean he could abuse their relationship.

As she looked up for a second, she nearly froze. The figure that was coming down the street was vaguely familiar but that wasn’t why it was shocking, the figure was moving in a way that seemed just a little too happy for someone who was in the Narrows.

"Alice!" He yelled once he stopped jumping and looked out in front of him to see a blonde. Of course he didn’t think for a moment that this could never be his Alice.  He quickly ran up to her and wrapped his arms around her pulling her into a hug. "What are you doing out in the cold?"

He pulled back and looked at her, the smile growing on his face. “Why were you hiding from me? You know I don’t like it when you hide!”

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"If I said I wanted ta' kill everyone who's ever hurt a bunny-rabbit, wouldja' think I was crazy, Jervy?"



Jervis gasped and pulled The White Rabbit closer to him. “Who would ever kill such a sweet animal?”

"Well, uh, I was doin’ some research, just fer curiosity’s sake after my puddin’ made a joke abut sendin’ the babies in fer animal testing…They use defenseless little bunny rabbits ‘n…most of the time they die.”

Jervis let his eyes narrow  “They what?” He couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “We have to go save them Harley! Save all the little animal!”

After a long time away Jervis was finally back in Gotham and he couldn’t be anymore happier unless he had his Alice with him. He figured that she would still be in Gotham and now the hunt for his perfect little Alice.

He missed the dark gloomy street with the tall towers looming over you making it feel like you were stuck here, so of course he got weird looks as he bounced happily down the streets of The Narrow.